News >>> Powering Birmingham’s future: Adelan demonstrates green growth in low carbon sector

Original Article:   Adelan Chamberlink Feb 2020 – Green Business

Posted 10 March 2020

Pioneering fuel cell company Adelan is keeping Birmingham’s rich engineering heritage alive and well with its remarkable energy technology innovation. Fuel cells are already known as the cleanest possible technology for dependable and reliable electricity generation, and as such are set to play a major role in addressing issues such as urban air quality and climate change. With its unique microtubular solid oxide fuel cell (mSOFC) technology though, Adelan’s unique approach delivers key advantages even over other types of fuel cell system.

Adelan fuel cells are ideal as a diesel replacement, and much cheaper to run on cheaper, cleaner gas. Unlike other kinds of fuel cell which require pure hydrogen fuel, Adelan’s quiet, compact and efficient fuel cells use readily available infrastructure fuels such as LPG or propane. As a result, the company’s mSOFC technology can act as a stepping stone towards the low-carbon and clean hydrogen economy of the future.

In addition to its ability to operate on infrastructure hydrocarbon fuels such as natural gas – as well as hydrogen if it is available – there are general criteria that make Adelan mSOFCs especially competitive. These include efficient generation of heat and power, quick start times, as well as quiet and low-emission operations.

The Adelan mSOFC system is stackable and scalable from small light-weight, portable applications like battery chargers right up to grid-connected power stations. Unmanned airborne vehicles, recreational vehicles, portable power, electric vehicles, remote power and micro combined heat and power (mCHP) have all emerged in recent years as strong growth markets for Adelan.

Founded by Professor Kevin Kendall FRS and Dr Michaela Kendall, the company specialises in the production of clean energy systems for portable or stationary, off-grid applications. Adelan is still run by its founders, and a growing team of young talented scientists and engineers is led by CEO Dr Michaela Kendall. It is the only fuel cell company in the world headed by a female scientist.

With one of the longest running fuel cell R&D programmes in the world – and the longest running fuel cell company in Britain, established in 1996 – Adelan’s core microtubular solid oxide fuel cell (mSOFC) technology was pioneered and patented by the Kendalls since 1992. Progressive development to reduce manufacturing costs and improve primary performance criteria has resulted in favourable key performance indicators for Adelan fuel cells in terms of lifetime, energy density and cost. Accelerating commercial product development through component and system cost reduction, Adelan continues to optimise its mSOFC technology from materials to design specifications. Fundamental knowledge, continuous innovation, 25+ years of experience and a global network make Adelan a unique player in an embryonic market.

Indeed, as the leading global microtubular SOFC developer and the first company to develop mSOFC products, Adelan built global commercial credibility for the core technology by developing, demonstrating and selling compact, portable power products. Adelan has the experience, skills and capabilities to design, develop and implement micro-power solutions for a range of applications and has produced numerous demonstrators since the company was founded. For example, Adelan built the world’s first portable, rapid-starting SOFC system fuelled by gas.

Working through direct sales and collaborative partnerships with industrial players while engaging with both private and public sector clients, Adelan attracted significant inward investment from global markets such as the US, China and Europe, which are looking to develop new clean, green energy market opportunities.
New partners, such as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) wishing to produce portable, mobile or off-grid products or services, may license IP or engage in a technology development partnership. Meanwhile, new IP, applications and geographical markets continue to emerge, seeking a low carbon technical solution.

With expert industry knowledge, global networks and an unrivalled understanding of the SOFC market, Adelan’s heritage of continuous technology research and development allows the company to leverage its experience for clients by engaging in bespoke R&D projects. Adelan was also a founding member of the European Industry Grouping for the Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU).

Adelan’s key market is the rapidly expanding decentralised power sector, a global, scalable market ripe for rapid, clean growth and driven by worldwide issues such as climate change and urban air quality.

Clean, efficient, flexible and scalable, Adelan technology represents a significant opportunity to address growing environmental, regulatory and energy security concerns. With decades’ of technology experience, the Adelan team is working to develop micro-power solutions to today’s energy challenges, bringing investment, jobs and economic growth to the West Midlands. Birmingham is once again an energy technology powerhouse.

News >>>Adelan teams up with BCU to launch Birmingham fuel cell incubator

Posted  March 1 2020

Birmingham’s Millennium Point is the site of a new space dedicated to greentech business development and networking. Local fuel cell technology pioneers Adelan teamed up with Birmingham City University’s (BCU) STEAMhouse to provide the space, which will also house the Midlands Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Network, an organisation dedicated to commercialising fuel cell technology.

Located at the heart of Birmingham city centre, the Millennium Point location will support students, graduates and local creative and digital entrepreneurs who wish to start and grow a business.

STEAM blends Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) and Arts graduates and makers to generate new high growth businesses in the city.  In the fuel cells and hydrogen sector, this creates new products, applications, digital platforms, data services and marketing approaches which can support local businesses and policy makers to understand the benefits of these technologies. Offering high quality and flexible business support, including workshops, high profile events, one to one mentoring and coaching, entrepreneur in residence, legal, accounting, finance issues and much more, the STEAMincubator offers specially designed spaces to prototype new products and develop new ideas including a fabrication facility at STEAMhouse.

Commenting on the development, Adelan CEO Dr Michaela Kendall, said: “We are delighted to be working with BCU as they build the STEAM pipeline to support the inventive ideas being generated every day in Birmingham. These ideas are being captured by BCU in a unique way, so that artists and technologists can create new and successful businesses together.  Ideally, our fuel cells will be designed and made in Birmingham, and we rely on digital platforms to enable wide deployment.  This will create the positive environmental impacts we know fuel cells can deliver for the whole of Birmingham and beyond”.

To access the STEAMincubator and learn more about the services it can offer local entrepreneurs, please visit: https://adelan.co.uk/

Adelan Fuel Cell Technology

To discover more about how Adelan can support your future energy ambitions or to meet your requirements for clean, quiet and reliable energy for remote, mobile or any other applications, please contact Dr Kendall and the rest of the Adelan team at:

Adelan Ltd, 15 Weekin Works, 112-116 Park Hill Road, Birmingham, B17 9HD (UK)

Tel: +44 (0)121 427 8033

About Adelan

First founded in The Midlands, Birmingham-based Adelan pioneered microtubular solid oxide fuel cell (mSOFC) technology more than 30 years ago. Adelan’s patented and scalable technology gives the fuel cell unprecedented flexibility, allowing the system to run cleanly on a range of commonly available fuels such as LPG, natural gas or propane/butane mix. As a result, though Adelan fuel cells can also run on hydrogen, they offer considerable additional operational flexibility and ease of use benefits whilst retaining a small, compact and lightweight footprint.



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  • Founded Adelan and made first Zirconia microtubes

  • Built first large demonstrator

  • First sales of demonstrators

  • First large commercial project; lab in Birmingham

  • First small demonstrator

  • The first sale of 250W system and UAV demonstrator

  • Portable Power Pack for camper van demonstrator

    Adelan microtubular solid oxide fuel cell battery range extender

  • Portable Power Pack for LNG truck demonstrator

  • Mobile and nano chargers

  • mCHP demonstrator

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