Adelan is a small team focused on the development of mSOFCs, led by CEO Kevin Kendall.  Dr Michaela Kendall leads on Business Development, and manages several key projects.

Professor Kevin Kendall FRS was Professor in Chemical Engineering at the University of Birmingham. Dr Michaela Kendall worked in the energy and emissions sectors for 20 years in Europe, Asia and North America. Adelan is based near of the University of Birmingham in the UK, one of the UK’s leading research centres in the field of the fuel cells.

kevin-kendall-car-640x4801Professor Kevin Kendall is a materials scientist and engineer with more of 35 years industrial R&D experience. Kevin worked for 20 years at ICI Runcorn before moving to Keele University, then Birmingham University where he was Professor of Formulation Engineering until 2012. He is committed to high efficiency/low emission devices and feels that mSOFCs are ready now to fit into early markets.  He gained his PhD in 1970 from Cambridge University and was elected Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) in 1993.

mk1-e1395488737726 Dr Michaela Kendall is an environmental scientist with 20 years international experience. Michaela was Assistant Professor at NewYork University at the age of 30, and held Faculty-level positions in  America, Asia and Europe. After years of studying environmental problems, she now develops solutions. Her goal is to reduce atmospheric emissions from combustion and improve the environment using fuel cells.