About Us

Adelan is a cleantech development company established in 1996, by Professor Kevin Kendall FRS and Dr Michaela Kendall.  Together Kevin and Michaela have over 40 years of experience of solid oxide fuel cell technology (SOFC) technology.


The founders of Adelan invented  microtubular SOFC (mSOFC) core technology in 1992, protecting it through patents. Adelan was the first company to develop mSOFC products and protects emerging mSOFC patents for commercialisation.

Over 20 years, Adelan explored the technical and market opportunities through collaborative partnerships with customers in business, academia and government. Adelan built global credibility for the core technology, and became the go-to group for mSOFC technology product development.

Adelan collaborated with the global fuel cell industry over three decades, reducing barriers and risks in global markets. Adelan now develops, demonstrates and sells small, portable power products, gaining data on system design, lifetimes in the field and progressive product improvements.

The Adelan core technology is stackable according to power requirements, uses infrastructure fuels to power many different applications, and acts as a technological stepping stone towards the hydrogen economy.